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The term “web testing” refers to the process of testing software that is based on web applications. Web testing looks at things like security, functionality, accessibility for all types of users, and adaptability to a variety of desktops, devices, and operating systems. Load testing is a type of web testing that assesses an application’s ability to manage traffic.

Services Offered by 99mediaSolutions

All forms of links, such as outgoing links, incoming links, anchor links, and mail to links, are tested as part of the functionality test. It ensures that none of these connections are broken.

It includes testing site navigation buttons such as menus, buttons, and other elements, as well as content on the page. It mostly looks for grammatical problems.

Application, Web server, and Data Base Server are all tested during interface testing. It will optimize all queries received from the site after testing them.

Database testing comprises checking for mistakes that occur while running queries, as well as ensuring data integrity. It checks the query response time and, if necessary, fine-tunes it.

This includes testing the site on a variety of browsers, such as Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, and operating systems, such as MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

Other Services

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Testing LevelsComponent, Integration, System and User Acceptance
Testing TypesFunctional, GUI, Responsive, Usability, Compatibility(Browser, OS, Device)
Test Case ManagementZephyr, TestRail, Testopia, MSExcel
Bug Tracking ToolsJIRA, TFS, Odoo, Redmine, Bugzilla, Mantis, MSExcel
AddonsFirebug, GTMetrix, YSlow, DRLINK, W3C Validator
Programming LanguagesJava, JavaScript
Web AutomationSelenium, Katalon Studio, HP UFT, Perfecto, BrowserStack

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