About SugarCRM Development

SugarCRM is a commercial open source CRM with great flexibility and the ability to provide a wide range of IT services to meet the demands of businesses. SugarCRM is far more popular than the other CRMs available. Customer relationship management is a critical component of any business. SugarCRM is the most widely used open source CRM solution for modifying and developing marketing activity management, revenue management, price module management, customer service, and dealing with client invoices, among other things.

Services Offered BY 99mediaSolutions

We have assisted many of our customers at 99mediaSolutions in integrating an existing application with their SugarCRM. Whether you require real-time data interchange or daily data updates across many systems, we are here to assist you with improved SugarCRM connection.

We have some custom modules to our credit that we produced as part of a customer project to allow them to take use of SugarCRM’s benefits. The development team is skilled at customizing smart modules with Module Builder’s capabilities.

99mediaSolutions has extensive expertise creating completely customised web-based interfaces that are consistent with your SugarCRM brand identity. This allows your employees, clients, and business associates to use the branded company site to access your SugarCRM data. We may also integrate the interface with your existing organization’s or online store’s website.

Our crew is always accessible to take care of your website and application so that your online business can run smoothly.

Other Services

99MediaSolutions also offer services like:

Why SugarCRM Development?

To understand the importance of SugarCRM, let’s have a look on its features:

Account administration, collaboration, tracking and sharing possibilities, coordinating activities, team management, monitoring, dashboards, mobile solutions, and other services are available.

Campaign management, lead management, campaign tracking, email marketing, and sales material are just a few of the services available.

Bug tracking, case management, escalation of issues, knowledge sharing, and so forth.

Customer segmentation, sales prospects, pipeline visibility, customer satisfaction, and so on are all factors to consider.

Project management, activity management, document management, customer self-service, content syndication, and other similar functions are available.

Workflow management, SugarStudio, module loader, access control, etc.

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