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High-quality content and consistent branding are the cornerstones of effective social media marketing. Because social media is a visual channel for your business, neither is viable without adequate design work. 99mediaSolutions can help; design services start at $850 and are completely transparent, so you always know where your money is going. For additional information, scroll down or fill out the form for a precise quote!

What social media design services are offered?

Some businesses’ tweets receive more attention than their websites. And an increasing number of people are using Twitter to identify businesses to collaborate with, follow, or buy from.

Included in social media design is
When customers switch from one to the other, they may lose the connection if your Twitter backdrop doesn’t match your website identity.

We follow following guidelines for every personalized Twitter graphic:

A color scheme that is consistent with the company’s website.
Background image or pattern that is bright and eye-catching.
Occasional information section on the background’s left side or within the header (if using the new layout)
A Twitter page on your website to direct users to your Twitter profile is also a fantastic idea. That way, you have more control. Instead of directing visitors to, create a page on your site called

Much more than a Twitter profile, you can add other essential information about your firm to that page.

Facebook users prefer to communicate with businesses through the social media platform. You’ll make a wonderful first impression if you create a beautiful Facebook page with a custom header picture, icon, and other graphical features (such as custom photos in tabs or applications).
So, how can you contact Facebook’s tens of millions of users? Convert the data on your website to a Facebook form. This translates to:
Making a Facebook page for your company
Getting your current fans and followers to join you on Facebook.
Providing timely and relevant information
Your Facebook page should be updated on a regular basis. You should post on Facebook whenever you have an event, recruit an employee, win an award, or earn a significant contract. It keeps your followers engaged and interested, as well as keeping your company front of mind.

A company blog allows your employees to showcase their knowledge, provide fascinating information, and share that content via social media. However, if your site looks unattractive, you’ll have a hard time attracting the correct type of attention!

99mediaSolutions’ blog design is distinct from your main website. Because blogs are primarily intended for other people in your field and your best prospects, brag-worthy content is acceptable. That’s why, with our blog designs, we go above and above, incorporating amazing effects and fresh graphical features that will set you apart and make your visitors exclaim “wow!”

Blog design entails creating a layout you like and then incorporating it into your blogging platform. To perform this correctly, you’ll need the help of an expert.

New ideas and unique requests are always welcome at 99MediaSolutions! To learn more about our additional social design options and prices, simply contact one of our social media professionals using the form below. We’ll gladly prepare a custom quote for you.

Social media design that makes your brand stand out

Your customers are interacting with one another, sharing ideas, and discussing your business on social media. Make a good first impression on them. You can replicate the appearance and feel of your website across all of your social media platforms with 99mediaSolutions’ social media design.

99mediaSolutions, a renowned social media advertising business, provides the following services:

Companies wishing to improve their presence on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, their company blog, and other social media platforms can benefit from custom social media design plans.
Professional social media design services that pay close attention to detail and meet your social media profile requirements.
Customize your social media profiles, sites, and apps to match your website and brand guidelines.

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