About QA and Software Testing

A client expects that when he receives his software, website, or mobile app, there will be no glitches and that the product will perform smoothly. This is where the QA and testing roles come into play. Both the QA and the Tester are in charge of checking the final product’s quality and integrity. Prior to ultimate deployment for user use, any software development process must include a quality assurance process.

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Our machine learning solutions are focused on enabling organizations to comprehend and self-learn from complicated data, allowing them to make essential and critical business choices with more ease and confidence.

Mobile testing, like mobile app development, is an essential element of the development process. We can test any application on any smart phone using a variety of tools. These tools are created by the companies themselves. Companies can use these tools to verify many areas of performance testing, automation testing, and so on.

The term “web testing” refers to the process of testing software that is based on web applications. Web testing looks at things like security, functionality, accessibility for all types of users, and adaptability to a variety of desktops, devices, and operating systems. Load testing is a type of web testing that assesses an application’s ability to manage traffic.

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Our Expertise in Tools and Technologies

Testing LevelsComponent, Integration, System and User Acceptance
Testing TypesFunctional, GUI, Responsive, Usability, Compatibility(Browser, OS, Device)
Programming LanguagesJava, JavaScript
Web AutomationSelenium, Katalon Studio, HP UFT, Perfecto, BrowserStack
Mobile AutomationAppium, Perfecto
Build ToolsMaven, Jenkins, TestFlight and HockeyApp
API/Web-Service TestingPostman, SoapUI, Advanced Rest Client
Database TestingMSSQL, MySQL, SQLLite, PostgressSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra
Performance TestingJmeter, BlazeMeter, HP LoadRunner
Mobile Device FarmPerfecto, Amazon
Test Case ManagementZephyr, TestRail, Testopia, MSExcel
Bug Tracking ToolsJIRA, TFS, Odoo, Redmine, Bugzilla, Mantis, MSExcel
AddonsFirebug, GTMetrix, YSlow, DRLINK, W3C Validator, Simulators

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