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We are a software and mobile app development firm based in the United States with nearly two decades of experience in providing dependable software and app development services. We have produced a huge number of mobile app solutions as an offshore outsourcing software development partner to clients all over the world. Allow our hand-picked team of app developers to bring your app idea to reality. To provide your company the advantage of working with seasoned specialists, outsource mobile app development services. Hundreds of developers make up our talent pool, all of them have worked in teams on a variety of successful apps. We offer cross-platform app development services for React Native, iOS, Android, Windows, and Hybrid/Cross-Platform applications.

Our High-end Mobile App Development

iOS Mobile App Development

We provide effective offshore iOS app development solutions, keeping in mind the growing need for iOS apps. We work as your dependable outsource partner from idea generation to conceptualization, ensuring the success of your iOS app on the market.

Android Mobile App Development

The number of Android devices on the market is rapidly expanding. This gives developers a better chance to create apps using the platform. When you outsource your project to us, we make sure to employ our years of knowledge in Android app development.

Progressive Web Apps Development

Now you can use Progressive Web Apps Development services to create web apps that run on a variety of devices and screen sizes. We create PWAs that are dependable, light, and load quickly. Our team works hard to create PWA solutions that make it simple to access native app features.

React Native Mobile App Development

React Native is a JavaScript library for creating native mobile apps using ReactJS. The library was created by Facebook developers and gained a lot of traction in a short period of time. We provide React Native development services to help you create native mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

We provide offshore hybrid app development services to meet the evolving needs of the digital market. This aids organizations in developing mobile apps that are compatible with a variety of mobile platforms. Hybrid mobile app creation saves money while also making it simple to update and maintain.


We help you get the finest of technology on your wrists with our wearable app development services, which are becoming increasingly popular in the market. We help your company expand by utilizing the appropriate features and functionalities.

The Internet Of Things

The internet has now pervaded every part of human existence, and it can now be used to control devices and applications. To achieve your corporate objectives, go digital by utilizing IoT-inspired smartphone apps.

Augmented Reality

Enjoy the best of AR technology with us and make your business ambitions a reality. We use the best technology for GPS data, video streaming, object detection, and audio streaming to create effective AR apps.

Flutter App Development

You’ve come to the right place if you want to start your project with the top Flutter app development company in the industry. We know how to turn your app concept into a working app. Our Flutter app developer can assist you in creating digital experiences that are platform agnostic. We provide scalable Flutter app development services to help you create highly functioning mobile, web, and desktop apps with native performance, expressive and flexible UI.

eCommerce Mobile App Development

All types of organizations can benefit from our eCommerce mobile app development services. We offer to construct a solid backend that ensures the online business is focused on delivering client happiness, starting with an appealing user interface. We focus on integrating your business with mobile while ensuring that end-to-end functionality is included to provide customers with a better digital experience.

Top WooCommerce Development Services Offered by 99mediaSolution

Top Outsourced Mobile App Development Services Offered by Us

Several components are nearly same between the two, while DOT NET and.NET core have significant changes. When users require cross-platform capabilities,.NET Core is an open-source cross-platform solution. A.NET framework, on the other hand, is essential when developing desktop apps.

By 2022, the app store is predicted to have billions of apps, the most of which will be freemium. The usage of in-app advertising elevates the monetization of apps to a new level.

User experience is no longer just determined by the appearance of the user interface. It’s more about giving consumers a fantastic experience while navigating the app. Everything will be taken care of by us.

Our consulting and strategy development services enable firms to strategically identify and implement mobility projects.

It’s time to adapt to shifting needs and keep up with the rest of the world. Choose our migration and reengineering services to transform legacy systems into new ones utilizing the appropriate methodology, strategies, tools, and techniques.

With correct integration, you can now choose the optimum user experience and performance. Due to rising customer demands and the development of mobile apps, this has become vital.

We provide application maintenance services to businesses by assisting them in their growth and expansion while adapting to paradigm shifts.

In order to provide a rich user experience and high-performing products, we provide application testing and quality assurance services. We ensure that maintenance expenditures are kept to a minimum.

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