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Frontend development is what gets in the way of human interaction. They are able to sense, touch, and experience it. Frontend development is more about aesthetics than code – it’s an interface that leads to a positive client experience. 99mediaSolutions provides organizations with sophisticated UI-UX/frontend development services that help them stand out from the crowd. Customized solutions assist them in providing a better user experience, which improves traffic.

Hire VueJS Developer

99mediaSolutions, A Software Development Company, has made finding a skilled Vue.JS developer for the progressive Vue.JS framework a breeze. Our vue developers with demonstrated abilities in the Vue.JS framework are capable of constructing all types of high-performing applications, from single-page progressive web apps to complicated mobile apps development, including hybrid apps development. Our full stack Vue.JS engineers work in an agile environment, staying up to date on all library releases.

AngularJS Development

AngularJS is a scalable open source framework that is commonly used to create user-friendly apps. Without the need of any external plugins or frameworks, data-driven web apps may be produced with AngularJS. Because of AngularJS’s strong focus on efficiency and testability, the team finds development and testing to be considerably easier. When employing AngularJS development services, you can also expect smooth deployment of complicated apps in a corporate context.

Backbone.js Development

Dynamic pages are rapidly replacing static web pages as a result of the growing number of online applications built with Backbone.js. Backbone.js is an implementation of the standard MVC design at its core, although it differs from the traditional MVC pattern in a few ways.

jQuery Development

jQuery is a well-known JavaScript library that helps you save time and increase your productivity. jQuery provides extra capabilities that are simple to implement and reduce the complexity of supporting numerous platforms and web browsers. jQuery is also supported by a large open source network.

React.js Development

ReactJS is a JavaScript library maintained by the Instagram and Facebook engineering teams, with some contributions from individual developers. In the year 2013, the library was made open source, which improved its market attractiveness. As a result, major companies such as Imgur, AirBnB, Bleacher Report, and Netflix began to use it. The 99mediaSolutions team has completed a number of projects including the use of ReactJS to create user interfaces.

UX/UI Designing Services

In today’s competitive industry, every business aspires to attain unrivalled success and make significant revenues from their mobile apps and websites. The process of improving a mobile app’s usability, great interactivity, and ease of use is known as mobile UI/UX design. Why UI/UX Design Is Important: It’s possible that you’re wondering why UI/UX Design is so vital for your company. So, to paint a picture of the importance of UI/UX Design, consider the following factors.

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