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We use the term enterprise to refer to big-scale businesses, which essentially means that enterprise solutions are business solutions that prioritize massive industry networks. Enterprise solutions are designed at 99mediaSolutions in such a way that they can simply gather data from various business processes and databases in order to combine many sections of the organization.

Outsource DevOps Services

Outsource DevOps services to take advantage of the benefits of cloud adoption, automation, collaboration, and monitoring. Continuous development, continuous integration (cd ci), continuous deployment, operational efficiency, and faster turn-around are all made easier with DevOps. We automate the end-to-end delivery process and provide cutting-edge services to accelerate DevOps.

Dynamic CRM Development

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is the most widely used software by organizations today to increase sales, conduct marketing campaigns, and provide superior customer care. Regardless of their size, businesses employ this software. Users gain access to the most significant elements of the software, which help them improve efficiency and work toward improved client relationships.

Amazon Cloud Development

Cloud Computing is becoming a widely used application among both large corporations and small businesses. The key reason for this is that it allows them to store all of their critical data on the cloud while keeping privacy. AWS has changed the way agencies think about cloud computing, allowing them to deliver their applications online in a clean and cost-effective manner.

Microsoft Azure Development

Microsoft’s Windows Azure is a user-friendly cloud computing platform that allows you to build, launch, and manage cloud-based applications. Similar to Rackspace and Amazon EC2, Azure provides developers with an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) model. Azure provides models for monitoring, accessing, and managing remote storage, data center infrastructures.

Big Data Development

The concept of Big Data has been around for years, and most organizations are now realizing that if they capture all of the data that flows into their organizations, they can apply analytics and derive significant value from it. Companies were employing fundamental analytics (essentially statistics on a spreadsheet that were manually verified) to identify insights and traits as early as the 1950s.

Liferay Development

Liferay is a lightweight, interoperable Open Source platform with a strong product roadmap and a flexible design. It provides a very safe and trustworthy framework for creating appealing online and mobile experiences. Because of its high-end capabilities, compatibility with most major application servers and database structures, and scalability, Liferay Portal is used by businesses all over the world.

Alfresco Development

The Alfresco Record Management Service is a modern Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system that performs a variety of tasks. Web content management, record management, document management, collaborative content management, and so on are some of them.

SharePoint Development

SharePoint is well-known for its exceptional record-keeping capabilities. It has evolved into much more than a Content Management and Documentation Management tool over time, with sharper and more interactive capabilities for CMS development, Business Intelligence integration, Workflows technology.

Server Upgrade & Migration Services

Groups are challenged to enforce new pathways in terms of upgrading their infrastructures with new features and capacities in order to generate revolutionary solutions. Server upgrade or migration services are a difficult operation that demands meticulous planning and competent implementation. Clients confront challenges in guaranteeing minimal downtime, a smooth transition, and a successful upgrade / migration.

SQL Database Solutions

Microsoft SQL Server is a database server and product. This is a relational database management system that allows users to create and execute queries and other SQL statements. You can store any form of data you want with an MS SQL database. The Microsoft SQL Server database may function as a full-fledged business intelligence platform. You can import data from databases and other systems, analyze it, and generate reports using this platform.

NoSQL Database Solutions

The switch from SQL to NoSQL databases reflects the users’ shifting needs. When compared to relational databases, NoSQL databases provide advantages such as flexibility, accessibility, high scalability, low cost, and a unique method for comprehensive potential. Furthermore, it provides limitless secure areas to store, access, and edit all data that isn’t structured in the same way that standard relational databases are. Large amounts of data generation and interchange in eCommerce websites, social media platforms, or any data-intensive site / search engine were all handled by these databases.

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