Organizations often need custom software development services for their specific needs. In such cases, off-the-shelf software platforms do not serve the purpose or address all the crucial issues a business might be facing. The best solution here is to opt for a custom software development company, which caters to personalized demands and specific pain points of the business. For over a decade, we’ve been delivering high-quality custom application development services to clients across the globe. We work hard to understand the organization’s business requirements and focus on building a product that uses the most efficient technologies to create a custom software platform.

Since 2005, we have worked in the USA and India to provide flexibility, reliability, and security to clients in more than 25 countries globally. We use the RelyShore℠ software development service model to create custom software for companies across various domains, technologies, and industries. Our expert programmers and latest cutting-edge technology solutions combine to form a solid package that can solve all your problems, no matter how specific they may be.

We provide custom software development services in the areas mentioned below.

Web Development Technologies


ReactJS is a popular front-end programming framework for developing custom software. React.js is used to create interactive web pages, apps, social networking platforms, and more.


For backend API services and web development, we use Node.js for event-driven servers. Our developers can use NodeJS to manage front-end data updates as well as create scalable software that can accommodate multiple users.


With the Electron framework and VueJS, a progressive JavaScript framework, we can create web interfaces, mobile apps, and much more.


Single-page applications and other online platforms use AngularJS for their front-end development. It may be used to create interactive and user-friendly websites, and it is maintained by Google and a developer community.


Using the PHP framework, we create bespoke web pages with Laravel. You won't have to bother about time-consuming components like HTML templating, authentication, or routing.


This open-source, pragmatic programming language can be used in conjunction with JVM to create cross-platform web pages. You can acquire software that is interoperable, safe, and scalable with our Kotlin custom development.

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