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99MediaSolutions has a long history of providing software solutions, and we’ve demonstrated our expertise in BOT creation as well. You will get greater flexibility, lower risks, lower fees, and a faster time to market when you team up with 99MediaSolutions and use our BOT development service. In addition, we supply all of the benefits that we uncover during the development and maintenance phases.

Top ChatBot Development Services Offered by 99MediaSolutions

We like to be ahead of the curve, therefore we’re excited to offer you ChatBOT on Facebook Messenger. Best practices in Facebook Messenger BOT design and development are provided by our highly experienced BOT developers. You can employ our developers whenever you want for the service.

Telegram is a chat app that can be tailored to meet the needs of businesses. To expand BOT for Telegram, our experienced developers choose JavaScript (node.js explicit mongo). 99MediaSolutions helps their customers create bespoke Telegram BOT responses that they can integrate into their existing communication channels.

99MediaSolutions has over 6 years of expertise designing a wide range of automated features for online and mobile applications. A committed team of our developers is working on the APIs for slack bot development in a timely manner. Overall, you can count on our Slack BOT developers to do the task.

We have extensive experience working with the Microsoft BOT architecture and developing AI-based BOTs that can be used with Microsoft’s Cognitive Services. By creating Skype bots, you can send rich messages that include videos, photographs, text, and much more.

Various industries have distinct requirements. As a result, 99MediaSolutions offers BOT development services for a variety of industries. Our programmers are capable of providing services that will assist them in dealing with their customers.

We provide Artificial Intelligence Software Development Solutions.

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Gone are the days when businesses needed to stay in touch with their consumers or clients at all times, even if it was just to discuss a minor issue. This is the era of BOT development solutions, which provide users with a dependable and “almost-human” experience. Bot development employs artificial intelligence to provide a service. You may easily employ 99MediaSolutions developers for your BOTs development needs. We guarantee RelyShore services, which means we will provide you with 100 percent trustworthy offshore BOT development services.

Hire BOTs Developers

BOT development is sneaking into the online world steadily and more number of businesses have started to use it. With the below mentioned features of BOT development, we shall be able to spread some light over it’s usage and necessity.

The fact that ChatBOT increases eCommerce revenue is taken into account. Wait, this does not imply that you should use ChatBOT to replace your sales personnel. ChatBOT can handle the incoming traffic by generating an automatic discussion that is tailored to the consumers’ previous preferences.

As some of the fundamental duties could be computerized and you can focus on the predominant responsibilities and reduce your burden. This might assist to extra productiveness and performance. The Bottom line is that ChatBOTs are a boon for startups and small groups.

Humans do have feelings, and they may retaliate if the customer speaks in a harsh tone. Things are different with BOTS since the rules utilized throughout its programming ensure that it maintains a correct discussion mode. This will assist in increasing client satisfaction.

It is not cost effective to have a large customer care team to hear out all of the individuals if your firm is growing. A BOT, on the other hand, can handle tens of thousands of users at once.

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